chordover: Who’s playin?!!!


the perfect school

  • also known as: TUMBLR SCHOOL
  • headmaster: dumbledore
  • heads of houses: the avengers
  • dress code: pyjamas
  • maths: calculating so that you don't reach the post limit. ever.
  • sports (totally optional): quidditch or the total wipeout course
  • art: creating gifs, fanart and photosets
  • english: writing fanfiction
  • product design: creating the hunger games arenas
  • drama: roleplaying
  • IT: html coding
  • history: the dark ages before tumblr and discovering the origin of the flower behind anons head
  • night-time: NIGHTBLOGGING
  • there will be places for worshippiing J K Rowling and Suzanne Collins
  • and everyone will talk to everyone and everyone will be happy and if anyone sends hate they will be sent to one of the hunger games arenas designed by students